Flexibility and Professionalism

"Theresa used her prior experience, technical expertise and investigative skills to provide us a state-of-the-art feasibility study for a new project that we are developing. Theresa's flexibility and professionalism led to productive discussions of technical trade offs. We are very pleased with her work, enjoyed working with her, and would not hesitate to do so again."
Linda Jellison
President, LTC Engineering Associates

State-of-the-Art Design, On a Short Schedule

"Theresa Brunasso was the Technical Lead for the development of a ferrite Beam Forming Network. This complex Ka Band equipment includes numerous phase shifters, switches, and other RF components together with a complete set of electronics boards which provide interface with the payload and control of the RF devices. This equipment was developed in a very short schedule and demonstrates state-of-the-art performance, compliant to the specifications. Today, all units are integrated in the antenna systems which are used for the Ka-band protected communications for the Yahsat system. Undoubtedly, Theresa was a large part of this great achievement!"
Olivier Perrin, Ph.D.
Yahsat BFN Procurement Manager

A Talented Leader

"I worked with Theresa for 15 years at EMS Technologies. In that time she served in a number of roles including Design Engineer, Engineering Team Lead, Engineering Manager, Program Manager and Business Development Director. She reported to me as Manager of the Microwave Engineering Group when I was Director of Engineering there. Theresa brought her strong technical talent, creativity and excellent communications skills to all these roles. On the technical side, in addition to producing her own high-quality designs, she created new design tools and mentored more junior engineers. In leadership roles, her strong organizational skills came to the fore. In business development her communication skills and follow-through led to her bringing in several significant contracts for EMS. Theresa’s skills and experience put her in the first rank of technical professionals. As an employee, her get-it-done attitude and her ceaseless dedication to meeting all of her commitments made her invaluable. I give her my highest recommendation. Anyone requiring further details may feel free to contact me."
Wyman Williams, Ph.D.
VP, Chief Engineer, EMS Technologies

A Passion for Technical Excellence

"Theresa is one of the most talented and dedicated engineers that I have ever worked with. She has a vast depth of knowledge, and embraces technical challenges with a passion. Theresa also has a wide range of skills, with experience not only in RF design, but also in technical management and business development. Theresa will always be a valuable addition to any team fortunate enough to include her."
Trey Futch
Sr. Program Manager, EMS Technologies